I am passionate about translating both literature, fiction and poetry and also academic texts. I read voraciously in French ,Spanish and English, of course. I believe it is essential that literature should cross borders and help us to widen our horizons and I am always looking for new translation projects.

In 2012, I received a Masters in Translation with Distinction from Exeter University. My specialty is Literary Translation. As part of the MA, I have translated authors such as Raymond Queneau (Exercices de style), Alain Bosquet, Daniel Pennac (Monsieur Malaussène), and poetry by, amongst others, Andrée Chedid. My dissertation was a translation and commentary on extracts from Des Hommes by Laurent Mauvignier (Minuit 2009). I have also translated extended extracts of Romain Gary (La vie devant soi), Henri Barbusse (Le Feu), and André Bucher, La fée d’hiver. In the past I have worked with a British group of musicians ‘Projet Brassens,’ translating songs and poetry for performance, both from French into English and from English into French.

I am currently working as an academic translator in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, and in 2014 I taught the Specialist Translation module on the MA course at Exeter. My real passion is for translating literature and poetry. I recently won First prize in the BCLA John Dryden Competition 2013-2014 for my translation of La muette by Chahdortt Djavann.

I am currently working on a translation of poems by Jean-Claude Pirotte and the war poems of Lucien Jacques.

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