With huge apologies to Edward Lear whose Quangle Wangle Quee did not deserve to be associated with in any way with the present incumbent of the White House



On the top of Capitol Hill

the Trumpettypotus sat

And his face was plain to see

Because he wore no hat

For his face was fake orange his teeth fake white

He liked to tweet throughout the night

SAD! Unfair! It’s all FAKE news !

The only truth is the one I choose

said the bigly mad Trumpettypotus


The Trumpettypotus said to himself

as he sat on Capitol Hill

This is a finely tuned machine – things are going swell

but the longer I sit here in the Oval Room

It seems the world is full of gloom

millions cheered me on my Big Day

My people love me, and those who don’t will pay

Fake media tweet #impeach the SCROTUS

but I’m draining the swamp

said the Trumpettypotus




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